Ring Size Measuring

All of size units of our rings are based on international ring size, which customers can look a ring size chart online or refer it on Gemy Bijoux's official website. Gemy Bijoux have also created an easy method for customers to measure sizes of your owns. Please understand that some of our rings are only available in one size to few sizes; therefore, we have a ruler ready for you to download online: (Click here to download). Before taking measurements, please take a look different methods down below and pick one that you prefer. However, we do highly recommend you consider Method 3 which gives you a higher accuracy. 

Method 1:  Please find a ring of your own and which perfectly fits on the finger. The next thing to do is to measure the inner edge of the ring with a ruler (unit: centimeter). If size of your own ring was between two sizes, we would recommend you choose the larger size. Size chart please refer below. 

Method 2:  Use a string as your measuring method. Wrap the string around your finger and measure the circumference of your finger, and make sure the string is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle. Turn the circle back into a original straight line and place it on a ruler (unit: centimeter), then you will be able to refer the length in the size chart below

Method 3:  Gemy Bijoux have an online version of measuring tool for you to download and print out with no charges. Please click here to download. In order to get a more accurate size measurement, we have some tips for you to follow:

                    1. Please print the ring measurement tool with a paper that must be littler thicker than a normal paper. Otherwise it may be teared during measurement.

                    2. Before you print, please carefully check if the auto zoom ratio has been turn off to avoiding numeral error on 

                        account of technical issue. 

                    3. Wrap the ring measurement tool around your finger and measure it is perfectly fit on your finger. Feeling a little bit 

                        tight is even better! Also, please do make sure the ring measurement tool is 

                        below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle. knuckle should be measured at the widest part, if your 

                        knuckle appears to be larger than your finger, then your ring size should be based on the measurement you have 

                        taken on your knuckle; otherwise a ring won't fit on your finger. 

                    4. We provide a free ring measurement tool in each order. If you were not planning to get one, please notify us by 

                        leaving a message in your order. 



Ring Size Chart